Novel Push Initiative

Today the Novel Push Initiative kicks off. I just jumped in at the last minute because lately life is so busy that I think it will help me focus if I have to be accountable for a minimum word count every day, even if it’s only 250 words (the standard for this, but you can do more or less as long as you meet whatever quota you set). You tweet your daily word count and if you’re disciplined, you earn the occasional day off, but if you drop the ball, you get booted from the group.

Here’s the roster of participants for this October:
NPI Roster

I think of it as a great way to get over the hump on a book that needs daily attention to find its feet, and a great way to warm up for NaNoWriMo.

So big thanks to fantasy writer, Nick Enlowe, for organizing this. I already got my unambitious but attainable 250 today (265 to be exact and I have to count manually) on my work in progress, Magi. I plan to hang in there come hell or high water.


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