Still Here

Here's a picture of me ignoring my wife for a good story.

Just quick post to let you know that my blog is not dead, but my work in progress is alive, so I’m putting what writing time I have into the book instead of the blog. I do have some posts on the back burner and I hope to find time for them soon. You can look for reviews of Insidious (great movie) and James Scott Bell’s little manual, The Art of War for Writers (great book). There will also be more video posts, maybe even a reading from The Devil of Echo Lake.

Actually, don’t wait for my review of Insidious, just go see it. It will scare the pants off of you.

But yeah, the muse tends to grab me by the lapels in the spring time when there’s more light in the morning. When that happens, I shut up and listen. Turns out while I was doing what I think of as ‘pre-production’ on a couple of different books, she was cooking up this serial killer with a twist thing, and now she’s showing it to me in a more fully realized form than what I was working on, so I figure if I just keep setting the alarm early and showing up at the keyboard every morning, I might be able to do it justice. Wish me luck.


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