Staying After School with the A/V Club

Been busy lately working on a video trailer for the book. I’d like to release it in early September before the hardcover ships, so it’s a bit of a mad dash, but I’m having fun and I think we’re getting some great stuff.

In the past few weeks I’ve been lucky enough to have access to the following unlikely settings and subjects that feature prominently in the book:

1. A tattoo shop with an artist willing to apply great looking fake tattoos to…

2. A very sexy model complete with goth clothing to play the role of Rachel.

3. A church built in the 1800s, complete with stained glass windows, a bell tower, and (most important of all) a grand piano which we not only shot photo and video of, but also recorded for the soundtrack.

4. A snub nose revolver like the one wielded by my antagonist, Trevor Rail.

5. A Japanese tanto knife with the same red silk wrap as the one in the book.

I’m also super lucky to be married to a talented photographer who has been a real trooper, working at odd angles with a severe back injury.

And so just when I thought I had thanked everyone who helped bring this book into the world, I find myself with a new list of amazingly generous people to thank for helping me to make a little movie out of it. Credits will be forthcoming, and some may wish to remain anonymous, but for now, let me just say that if you live in my neck of the woods and you need some ink, you can’t go wrong with the Reverend Proctor at Shogun Tattoo in Salem, NH.

I can’t wait to share The Devil of Echo Lake as a video short. It has really become an art project unto itself, and I’m especially enjoying composing and recording the music that ties it all together. There’s some sick shit goin on up in this mofo. Stay tuned.
20120809-100116.jpg 20120809-101435.jpg


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