Pre-order The Devil of Echo Lake Today

All versions of the book are now available for pre-order at the JournalStone web store, and if you buy a hard copy, you also get all three ebook formats for free!

If you want to try before you buy to see if it hooks you, the first FIVE chapters are up as a free sample. Check it out.

The Devil of Echo Lake Pre-Order

Barnes & Noble also has a pre-order page now. Amazon and others should be coming soon.

And here’s a nice blurb from Brett J. Talley:

“Ancient gods, haunted forests, the Devil, and Rock & Roll. What more do you need for a great story? The Devil of Echo Lake is a beautifully crafted book that puts a unique spin on the classic tale of Robert Johnson and the crossroads. In the first few pages, Douglas Wynne grabs hold and never let’s go. You can’t miss with this fantastic debut.”
-Brett J. Talley, author of Bram Stoker AwardTM finalist That Which Should Not Be and The Void.


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