The Devil of Echo Lake on Spotify

The Devil of Echo Lake comes out on Friday, so to celebrate and to thank readers, I’ve put together a playlist for the book on Spotify.  Most of it is stuff I listened to while writing, along with some music that I feel captures the vibe or echoes the themes of the story. It was fun to revisit these songs on the eve of the release.  If I can ever write a book that’s as good as the lyrics to Nick Cave’s “Red Right Hand” I might be satisfied.

If you’ve ordered a book and are waiting for it to arrive, I hope this will put you in the right mood. It might even work as a soundtrack for reading. I put a lot of thought into the selection and sequence. Like the story, it starts in one place and takes you somewhere else.

So click on the pic and crank it up. But if you have kids, you might want to enjoy it with headphones on; it’s as dark and dirty as the novel it represents.

Oh yeah, and check back here because I will also be sharing some actual Billy Moon music soon.




4 thoughts on “The Devil of Echo Lake on Spotify

  1. DTWynne says:

    Thanks. It’s fun because it’s the sort of book that lends itself well to a multimedia approach and there are so many great free tools out there for authors to play with these days.

  2. debdebtig says:

    I have been listening to your spotify album off and on for most of the day. It is incredible how easy it is to visualize what part of the book you were writing while listening to each song. Thank you for sharing!

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