In Which the Author Goes Forth and Pimps His Wares

Boy, when it rains, it pours.

Today is the release day for my first novel and it’s a dream come true. I definitely plan on popping some champagne before the day is done. But it has also been kind of a crazy time here at Casa Wynne. We lost 90% of our employee help with our small business last week, our five year old son has been sick for most of this week, and we just found out that my wife will be having spinal surgery on Halloween–two days before my weekend of book store launch events. Yeah, it’s a bit crazy when you add interviews and promotional stuff to the twelve-hour days.

Thank heaven for helpful friends.

Nevertheless, ready or not, The Devil of Echo Lake has arrived!  And we have something for everyone: paperback, e-book, and a limited edition signed hardcover. You can find the paperback or your favorite electronic format on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and  Or you can order a copy through your local bookstore.

Here are a few pics of me signing the hardcovers which have now started shipping. It sure was fun being surrounded by them.  I think I was a little high on fumes from the dust-jacket ink for a day or so.  Nah, I was probably just high on having a goddamned hardcover!

There are only 100 copies of the hardcover edition, but today there are still some available from JournalStone and Cemetery Dance.  And if you bring one to a signing event, I will happily personalize it for you.

So why a limited edition hardcover of a first novel by an author no one has heard of yet?

Well, the book already took a first place prize in a national horror fiction contest, and signed first-edition hardbacks of debut novels have even occasionally increased in value over the years.

You never know…

But here’s what I know on this landmark day in my fledgling career. I have books in me. Deep, dark, wondrous books. I’m having the time of my life now that I get to start sharing my stories with you, and I plan on doing this for a long while. So please, grab a copy, and be there with me at the beginning.


4 thoughts on “In Which the Author Goes Forth and Pimps His Wares

  1. jaimiengle says:

    First let me say that I am so excited with you. I had tears in my eyes seeing all your books and you signing them, imagining what that must taste like for you. No one but a writer knows how many years of toiling it takes to perfect the craft of storytelling, and I know that you will have many more stories to come. You are truly a diamond in the rough that the world will soon know. Thanks for sharing your journey with me.
    Second, I am so sorry to hear of all the family issues amidst this busyness. I will keep your wife in prayer and hope your son recovers soon.
    Have fun with this ride! I hope to one day be right up there with ya…

  2. DTWynne says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention: I slipped a little easter egg into copy #27. So if it doesn’t fall out when the publisher ships it, I’m curious to see who finds it.

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