Rockin’ the Book Shops With A Little Help From My Friends


The reading/signing events we did a couple of weeks ago were a lot of fun.  I really enjoyed celebrating the release with family, friends, and readers.  Can you believe that cake in the photo?  It was made by Chef Erin of Wild Orchid Baking Company, and it was delicious!  Check out the woodgrain.  And the edible planchette. What an amazing gift from my friend, Jill.

Other highlights:

There were live guitar atmospheres provided by my old friend and Echo Lake cover artist, Jeff Miller, at the Jabberwocky reading, so that really cranked up the creep factor; I had the pleasure of meeting fellow JournalStone author, Greg Bastianelli at Water Street; and my Mom even made it to the Newburyport gig after moving back east from Montana!

Jeff Miller at Jabberwocky in Newburyport.
Yours Truly at Water Street in Exeter.

At Jabberwocky I had a really sweet introduction from proprietor Sue Little, a hero of the New England Indie book store scene.  Sue had read Echo Lake in manuscript a while back, and she has been an encouraging friend and advocate for me along the way. It’s nice to finally bring some sales to her wonderful shop.

Another advocate for me in this sometimes lonely occupation of scribbling and wondering if it’s any good is my friend Jill Sweeney-Bosa (of the cake), who did a stellar job of event planning and publicizing the signings.  Without Jill’s help these events would have been minimalist to say the least, but thanks to her both nights were truly creative celebrations of the book.

Here she is introducing me at Water Street.

The basket beside the typewriter is her take on a guest book where folks could write me a message.  It was a treat to read through them when things settled down a few days later.  Lots of love and encouragement in there.

BIG THANKS to Sue and Paul at Jabberwocky, Dan and Stef at Water Street, Jill, Jen (my awesome picture snapping/book pimping wife), Jeff, and everyone who came out and bought books and asked fun questions and partied with me.

Now that I know how much fun these things can be, I might even do some more after the holidays. We also got video of the readings, so stay tuned for that.

And I’ll tell ya… nothing makes up for a couple of years of collecting rejections like signing a pile of books.


2 thoughts on “Rockin’ the Book Shops With A Little Help From My Friends

  1. jaimiengle says:

    Awesome blog, great pics, and a wonderful encouragement to me, who is still in the process of collecting rejection slips. So happy for your success with this book and looking for more to come.

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