In the Vocal Booth with Billy Moon

ImageIf you don’t live in my neck of the woods and can’t make it to a book store reading, now you can hear me read the first chapter of The Devil of Echo Lake on Soundcloud.  You can stream it or download the mp3 to take with you for offline listening.  And hey, if you’re hanging around Billy Moon’s Soundcloud page, you can also listen to his 3 song demo and hear some of the music mentioned in the book.


One thought on “In the Vocal Booth with Billy Moon

  1. jaimiengle says:

    Doug, not sure where else to leave this, but wanted to let you know that I sold my first novel to a small pub. It’s a middle grade historical fantasy. Feel free to follow my site for updates.
    It’s been awesome to follow your ride and get an idea of what’s to come. I hope you find time to write still, something I don’t want to lose. Happy for all your success and many more to come. You’ve inspired me to believe that It CAN happen to me…now it IS! Thank you very much. Keep writing awesome books!

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