Gigs and Other Acts of Public Exposure

Douglas Wynne at Water Street Books in Exeter
Water Street Books in Exeter

Just checking in with a roundup of what I’ve been up to since Steel Breeze came out a couple of weeks ago. It’s been a busy, exciting month, and I’m pleasantly surprised at how well the book is doing so far. It’s always nerve wracking waiting for the first reviews to roll in, but I’m having fun now that I know people are digging it.

Probably the most fun thing for me has been seeing how quickly people are reading it.  Steel Breeze isn’t as short as it looks (80,000 words) but people are burning through it like there’s some kind of contest to see who can finish it the fastest.

There isn’t a contest, but there is a giveaway for a signed copy at My Bookish Ways this week, where I have an interview up.  And if you hurry, you might still catch a giveaway to one lucky commenter on Jenny Milchman’s blog where I wrote a guest post for her Made It Moments series. Look for another interview and giveaway in next month’s The Big Thrill webzine.

The bookstore events in Newburyport and Exeter were a blast. If you came out to one of those, thank you! I can’t remember the last time I had that much fun. You guys made me feel like a rock star.

ImageOf course, the universe still has ways of making sure I don’t feel like too much of a rock star. At the Jabberwocky event, I was about half-way through the reading, with a good suspenseful vibe in the room, when my fucking cell phone started ringing in my pocket. Yeah, I forgot to turn it off.  It was my mother (who knew I had a reading) asking me if I had just called her. I’m like, “Uh, Mom? I’m actually standing at a podium right now, reading my book to a bunch of people.” But sure enough, when I looked at the call list, I saw that my phone had called her on its own at 7:05 and she called me back.  Maybe the wireless mic transmitter on my belt sent enough charge over my clothes to mess with the phone? I have no idea. But in retrospect, it’s kind of cool that my mom, who couldn’t make it up from Connecticut, was at the release party after all.

My last gig for a while is tomorrow, July 31st. I’ll be selling and signing copies of both books at the New England Authors Expo at the Danversport Yacht Club in Danvers, MA. The event is free to the public from 4-9 PM.  Here’s an article about it that even quotes me. Should be fun. I hope you’ll drop in if you live in the area. The New England Horror Writers will also be in attendance. I’m looking forward to meeting those guys.

And if you haven’t seen it yet, we have a new cinematic trailer for Steel Breeze up on Youtube and Vimeo. It’s posted at the top of this blog as well. I recommend full screen mode and headphones to fully appreciate Ben Knight’s beautiful camera work and Jeff Miller’s awesome music. Jeff also produced all of that crazy synchronized graphic stuff based on his cover art for the book. The man is a one-stop talent shop. I asked him for music in the style of “One of These Days” by Pink Floyd, and 8 hours later, he delivered.  Man, did he deliver.

That’s all for now. Heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you who has bought a book, written a review, or come out to see me. I can’t tell you how lucky I feel that I get to  keep telling you stories.

Douglas Wynne at Jabberwocky
Jabberwocky Book Shop in Newburyport, MA

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