Winter Blues and Book News

Water Street Books chalk signWinter has been brutal here in Massachusetts, but anyone with a TV probably knows that. At our house, the mountains of snow have overtaken the entire property, and digging out the mailbox has become my twice-a-week cardio workout. Between the arctic temperatures, school snow days, and a flu that keeps mutating and bouncing around our family, it has been hard to stay healthy and get any writing done. But the pressure to do just that is back on because I just signed a new 3 book deal with JournalStone!

Red Equinox has been out for a little over a month now and it’s catching on with a wider readership than I’ve seen before. My sincere THANKS to everyone who has bought the book, talked it up to a friend, or posted a review. It helps more than you know and enables me to stay in the game.

In the thick of the blizzards and flu battles, we managed to have a couple of great launch events at my two favorite indie book stores: Jabberwocky in Newburyport and Water Street in Exeter. Thanks to Jill Sweeney-Bosa, Christine Sadowski, Sue Little, and Dan Chartrand for making those a success. Exeter TV 98 sent a cameraman to the Water Street reading, so I might have a video link for that eventually if they bleep my f-bombs and upload it. I read the scene where Becca first encounters Moe Ramirez in the abandoned textile mill. Fun. Here are some pics…


Douglas Wynne reading Red Equinox at Water Street Books.Red Equinox book launch party.Douglas Wynne reading Red Equinox at Jabberwocky Bookshop.Douglas Wynne reading Red Equinox at Water Street Bookstore.Signing Red Equinox at Jabberwocky Bookshop.


Also in the A/V department, I did an interview with Adam xii on Radio BDC last Thursday. You can listen to the audio right here via Soundcloud.


Adam xii and Douglas Wynne


The segment only runs about 15 minutes but we managed to cover everything from the pronunciation of “Cthulhu” to the connection between the Boston Marathon Bombings and the fictional Boston of Red Equinox. And if you haven’t had enough of my jaw wagging about the new book, next Sunday (3/1) I’ll be a guest on the Lovecraft eZine video chat at 6pm eastern with Mike Davis and crew. We’ll be giving away a few copies of Red Equinox to random viewers. Tune in and check it out if you get a chance.

2 thoughts on “Winter Blues and Book News

  1. jaimiengle says:

    It’s been so awesome watching your journey from your first book that I stumbled upon for free review through Goodreads. Congrats on the new book deal! You rock!!

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