T-shirt Giveaway!



The new book has been out for a few weeks now and it’s been great hearing from folks who have already read it or who are discovering the SPECTRA Files trilogy for the first time. You’ve probably heard about how important reviews are for the life of a book. Some marketing efforts are simply out of reach for any book with less than 20 or 50 reviews, and it can be especially challenging gathering reviews for the 3rd book in a series, where you can’t just send out advance review copies to readers and reviewers unfamiliar with the earlier books. But anyone can leave a quick rating, and a review on Amazon or Goodreads can be as short as one sentence. It still helps when they add up.

Anyway, if you send me a link to your honest review of Cthulhu Blues (or a recent review of another SPECTRA book) by Halloween, and tell me your shirt size, I’ll send two random winners a SPECTRA t-shirt!

Review links and shirt sizes can be posted here in the comments or emailed to darkscribe [at] verizon.net


Thanks and good luck!


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