New Web Store and Limited Edition Hardcovers

Hey friends, I hope you’re holding up okay during the pandemic. It’s a crazy thing to live through, but at least most of us have more time for reading, I guess? I know I’m turning to books to escape into the alternative worries of imaginary people while so much in the real world is uncertain.

I find myself in a weird semi-apocalyptic rhythm because so much has changed and yet so much hasn’t. They’re rationing toilet paper at the supermarket and yet the grass still needs mowing. When it isn’t snowing sideways in Massachusetts, the flowers are blooming and I don’t know what season it is, never mind what day.

Normally, right around now, I’d be preparing for summer book conventions, looking forward to hugging author pals and chatting up readers. This year that won’t be happening, so I’ve launched a new web store for signed books, limited editions, and even T-shirts. Think of it as my socially distant signing table. There’s even a field where you can type your name (or someone else’s) if you’d like a personalized inscription on a book.

The book that got me started on setting up a store front is the preorder for a new edition of my 2013 serial killer novel, Steel Breeze, available for the first time in a limited edition hardcover. This is a unique book for me because it’s my only straight up crime thriller with no supernatural elements, and yet it seems to be the one that the people closest to me like best. Go figure.

Anyway, I’ve always been proud of this novel, which got a little lost in the shuffle, and I’m happy for it to have a new life. The hardcover edition comes with bonus material, including a previously unpublished short story, an author’s note, and a deleted prologue. It’s limited to just 50 signed and numbered copies, so don’t hesitate if you’d like one in your collection. It even comes with an origami butterfly, “blood” spattered and initialed by yours truly. How’s that for swag?

I’m trying to minimize my trips to the post office, so orders for signed books over the next couple of weeks will all ship when the Steel Breeze hardcovers are available, which should be the first week of June.

Until then, the reissue paperback and kindle editions just went live on amazon.

That’s all for now. Stay safe!


SBHC Web Store promo

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