Steel Breeze Kindle Cover 2560x1600



Her body was found lying on the misty grass in her own back yard at dawn. Her head was found nearby.

One year after the brutal murder of his wife, Desmond Carmichael believes someone is stalking him and his four-year-old son following a hair-raising encounter with a hooded stranger at a local playground.

Across the country, in the California desert, another severed head is found atop a watchtower at a Japanese internment camp memorial. FBI Special Agent Erin Drelick is called in to investigate a crime scene that will put her on the trail of a killer with motives as deep and twisted as the roots of a Joshua tree.

As cryptic and threatening clues accumulate, Desmond fears that the wrong man was imprisoned for his wife’s murder. Meanwhile, his in-laws and a local police detective who once competed for her affections have a different fear: that Desmond, despondent over the loss, has become too unstable to raise his own son.

When the boy goes missing in their placid New England town, Desmond faces fresh scrutiny from the police. Racing the clock, he must work outside the law to decipher the mystery of why his family has been targeted.

Can he untangle the clues from the bloody roots of history? And can he do it in time to save his son from a monster born in the dust of an American wasteland and hell-bent on reaping a whirlwind of vengeance?




“The action sequences scream assurance. Each move, pivot and twist portrays the author’s obvious knowledge in this area. I know anyone can do research, but the action scenes just have that authenticity that speaks volumes of the author’s knowledge and interests. The prose is fluid and assured. There are no wasted sentences here, each one is honed to deliver the impact that the author intended and this story rattles along at pace.”

–Derek Gunn, The Big Thrill (International Thriller Writers webzine)


“Steel Breeze is intense at almost every moment. It’s unpredictable and well written and defies you to put the book down. I cannot recall a thriller in a long time that had me so captivated. Douglas Wynne is the real deal and I’m certain we will be enjoying his books for a long time to come.”

–Benjamin Kane Ethridge, Bram Stoker Award Winning Author of Black & Orange
and Bottled Abyss

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